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The Welsh Government is offering grants of £500 to Community Councils to allow them to develop a website to improve communication with the electors in their community. We have developed this basic website structure that allows councils to go online without breaking their budget - the basic site only costs £500 to develop.

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Members of the council

Llanbethma Community Council has seven elected members. A Chair and Vice-chair are elected annually. The county councillor for the ward (Cllr. Gwyn Ifor Jones) is also invited to attend.

The following are members of the Council until May 2016.

Jean Luc Picard
TÅ· MawrIawn, Llanbethma
01234 567890

Vice Chair
Wil Riker
TÅ· Mawr Bach, Llanbethma
01234 567890

Other councillors

Beverley Crusher
TÅ· Mawr, Llanbethma
01234 567890

Wesley Crusher
TÅ· Mawr, Llanbethma
01234 567891

Mr Data
Lodge TÅ· Mawr, Llanbethma
01234 567890

Geordi La Forge
Hen DÅ· Mawr, Llanbethma
01234 567892

Deanna Troy
Riverside View, Llanbethma
01234 567893

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